This update covers ministry in Cambodia from September 2020 to May 2021 and features statistics from the top four provinces in new churches started: Kompong Thom (96), Pursat (63), Takeo (41), and Prey Veng (31).

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Use the following timestamps to listen to various topics.

2:12 He shares metrics from the movement starting from September 2020 to May 2021.

There were 399 new churches started. 5:30 He shares that 494 new villages were engaged from September 2020 to May 2021.

8:45 He shares about the number of villages left in Cambodia. We believe there are 7,000 villages with no church and 6,000 of those villages have never responded to the gospel. 10:10 We focus on the villages that are unreached.

11:30 He shares about Kompong Thom Province and why it is so successful. They use the most materials of all the provinces. The evangelism and discipleship tools were created in-country by local leadership and speak to local Cambodians' hearts by the Holy Spirit's power.

16:30 He shares 17,318 people have been baptized through this movement from Sept 20-May 2021.

18:00 He shares the number of new followers of Jesus at 27,930 from September 2020-May 2021.

20:30 John shares about the recent lockdown in Phnom Penh. The ministry team has increased their frequency of meeting. The local church planters face many challenges with outsiders being blocked from unreached villages.

24:30 John shares about the needs of the ministry. Aid and relief remain one of the most requested outside of Bibles for new believers. Many of the new followers of Jesus are day laborers and many are struggling to find work.

27:00 Church planters engage with children that are out of school.

28:00 John lost his neighbor to COVID19. She passed away the morning of the interview and in less than two weeks after contracting the virus.

30:00 There is a great spiritual need in the country. The ministry team seeks to meet those needs as best they can.

31:30 The new believers need Bibles. The villagers are getting attacked on all sides and the Bible and God's Word will give them protection, hope, and guidance. We know the names of people who need the Bible. The limited resources prevent many new believers from having a Bible of their own.

35:00 Their personal Bible is the primary tool for discipleship. The movement relies heavily on the Word and it is central to all operations. The Bible's are strategically placed into households with new followers of Jesus.

37:30 What about the Bible that is available on smartphones? Smartphones are costly and require electricity. The phone is a distraction with all the different notifications. The paper Bible is the best for new believers. We see the scripture in the context of the whole Bible.

40:00 The new believers benefit from a paper Bible in so many ways.

42:00 John shows the copy of the Bible for new believers.

42:30 John expresses his thanks to all the donors.

43:00 New believers value a Bible in their hands. They love it and take care of it. The Bible is essential for the great commission being carried out in Cambodia. The nation will not see a church in every village without large numbers of Bibles available for evangelism and discipleship to speed the movement up.

45:00 National Christian Churches Network Cambodia They have lots of good information and pictures on what they are doing in Cambodia.

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