Mrs. Polyoth has a very great testimony about how she became a Christian. She said, " I am very happy to be a Christian because Jesus changed the life of my husband ".

Her husband used to take alcohol every day which create a big problem in the family. He did not have the love for his family, his children, and his wife. He just only thinks for himself and he loves his alcohol. So, one day she went to the temple and pray to Buddha asking to change the life of her husband. she bought candles and many things from the market to please Buddha. she leave the temple happily by thinking that someday her husband´s life may change. The next day again she went to the temple and do the same thing for her husband. she spends a lot of money for offering a sacrifice for her husband. But still, her husband's life doesn´t change. She feels very discouraged that why my praying and my offering of sacrifice did not work till today. She doesn´t have the desire to continue offering a sacrifice anymore. But one day she heard that some pastor is saying that Jesus has the power, the power to change anything he likes. So she went to him and tell him everything. He told her to pray to Jesus for her husband. But she was unwilling to do that because she don´t know who is Jesus. But the pastor again told her to pray to Jesus just one time, therefore she didn´t want to argue at that time. She prayed to Jesus asking for his help to change the life of her husband. On that afternoon when she went back to the home she saw her husband was in a work at home without being drunk. And on the next day, her husband told her that he give up drinking alcohol. From that moment she knows that Jesus was answering her prayer and she decided to become a Christian. Because she knows that Jesus is a true God.

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