THE DEMONS FEAR JESUS..!!! Mr. Umchan Daravouth & Mrs. Mom Srey Heng are a faithful christian couple in Cambodia. Mr. Umchan Daravouth's family is a Buddhist family but he alone became a christian in the year 2003.

He came to know that Jesus is the only God who have the power to do all things. He also know very clear that God has prepared heaven for him as it is a place where there´s no sorrow, pain and agony. Therefore, he spent his time in reading Bible and praying from the morning when he wake up from his bed. He married to a Buddhist women, he wanted to make her into a christian, he told her about who is Jesus. But his wife did not have the willing to become into a christian. One day when his wife went to a temple to offer a sacrifice and when she came back to her house a demon an evil spirit came to her and said, " This house belongs to me, get out with all your belongings or else I going to take your son ". She was very afraid and she told her husband. Her husband said that there´s nothing to worry we will pray to Jesus. But still she was unwilling to pray to Jesus. She still want to offer a sacrifice to the ancestor spirit at that time. But her husband still persuade her to accept Jesus as her saviour and say yes to pray to Jesus. So, at the end she agreed her husband to pray for her to Jesus. Her husband prayed and prayed and ordered the evil spirit to get away from her wife. When he rebuke the evil spirit in the name of Jesus immediately the evil spirit get lost from her wife body. She was cured and said, " The demons fear Jesus ". From that she gave her life to Jesus and became a christian. " THE LORD WILL KEEP YOU FROM ALL HARM HE WILL WATCH OVER YOUR LIFE ". AMEN

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