Visit to Kirivong District, Koh Andeth District, Traing District, Takeo Province to Take References from the Testimonies of Fellow BelieversIn the hope of love in Christ

Faith gives hope and love

In order to reflect the faith of our brothers and sisters brings hope and love, we also travel to get information in Kirivong, Koh Andet and Traing Districts, Takeo Province, a province in Cambodia located in southwest Cambodia. Takeo province borders with Kampot province to the west, and Kampong Speu province to the northwest, and Kandal province to the north and east. The southern border of the province is an international border with Vietnam. Takeo province has a surface land of 3,563 square kilometers consisting of 9 districts, 100 communes and 1117 villages, and 01 Provincial town: 1) Provincial town: Daunkeo town has 3 communes, 40 villages, 2) Tram Kok district, 15 communes, 242 villages 3), Kirivong district, 12 communes, 114 villages 4), Ang Borei district, 6 communes and 34 village, 5) Prey Kabbas District, 13 communes, 110 villages 6) Samrong district, 11 communes, 147 villages 7), Bati district with 15 communes, 168 villages, 8) Traing district, 14 communes, 154 villages, 9) Koh Andet has 6 communes, 68 villages, and 10) Borey Chulsa district, 5 communes and 39 villages. Takeo province has a population of 843,931 people (according to 2008 statistics). Takeo province is often considered the "origin of Cambodian civilization", Takeo province has many important small Angkor temple-sites built between the 5th and 8th centuries. The economy of Takeo province is based on agriculture, fishing, rice and fruit crops. In particular, rural households rely on agriculture. In particular, we see small stalls featuring fresh beef on the road. Some people tell us that in Takeo town, there is plenty of fresh lobster from the lake, which is adjacent to the town.

Our journey from Phnom Penh to Takeo province along National Road number 2 through Tonle Bati Resort, Phnom Tamao Zoo Resort and then to Takeo Town, called Daunkeo provincial town, and we continue from Daunkeo through the town of Prey Sondaek in Traing district and to another town, known as Tonlaop in Kirivong district and turned right into the track towards the house of Pastor Soeung Lak, he introduced us to a village called Koh Moan, in Kropum Chhouk commune, Koh Andet district, where we had to walk along the trail with a little dirt road. Sometimes, when we arrive, we have to walk by foot to the village to meet our Christian brothers and sisters there. When we arrived in the village, we met a young brother named Tong Tha and some young men and ladies led by a young man named Tong Sothea and another older brother, he is the church elder and also an evangelist there, his name's Chan Leap.

Once we have all been gathered, we sing songs and praise God according to our Christian tradition in the presence of God, learning the Word of God, the faith that is in our hearts, and our mouth confesses to the Savior as stated in Romans 10:8-11: But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim); because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”

Then, Brother Tong Tha, a 49-year-old farmer in Koh Moan village, Kropum Chhouk commune, Koh Andet district, Takeo province, testified of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as follows: Brother Tong Tha's family is a poor family with four children, including three sons and one daughter. Later, his two children were married and two were enrolled at the University of Agriculture. Brother Tong Tha's family is a religious family. But one day, unfortunately, what happened to brother's family, he lost his four cattles. Though he tried to search for his cattles, but he could not find anyone. At the same time, a member of brother's family began to feel ill, that is his son, his name's Tong Sothea. At that time, brother's house was far away from the town, there was not a hospital nearby. So, according to the custom of the villagers, they often find the sorcerer predicting the reason why the family has encountered this evil cause. When the fortune-tellers look at the mistakes of the family, they miss the food giving for the spirits, and the spirits who take care of that area. Although brother Tong Tha offered the offerings to worship the spirits, such as roast head of pigs, chickens, roast duck, and some wine, he could not find out the lost four cows, and his son's disease became worse and worse. So, he decided to bring his son to the clinic in Phnom Penh. After a long time spent with so much money, he decided to bring his son back home, asking for authorization from a doctor to prescribe medication, buy medicines, and take medicine at home in his hometown.

One day when brother Tong Tha came to Phnom Penh to open medicine and buy some medicines to heal his son, he also met a pastor, Seuny Lak, who preached the Gospel of Jesus. Initially, the teacher asked brother tong Tha, "Did you ever wonder who created the universe and the people in our world?" He also explained that the Bible says that the living God created our universe, but our humans are born and die. He explained that God just spoke, and the heavens, the earth, the stars, the big light, and everything else appeared, because of His Word. The Creator created a garden with a tree of knowledge and a tree of life, and he placed them in the garden for Adam and Eve, male and female humans, to take care of the garden. And He forbidened them that no one cannot touch the tree of the knowledge or eat its fruit, when you will touch and eat its fruit you will die. But by the temptation of the devil, tempting Eve to see the fruit of the knowledge of good sight, and she wanted to eat, then she picked the fruit of knowledge to eat and shared to her husband. Since then, both of them know that they are naked, they took the leaves of the tree made their clothes, to hide their bodies, and hide themselves from God. So, Adam and Eve, the first human race, disobeyed God and picked up the fruit of knowledge to eat, and they sinned until death, they could not to have the eternal life.

Because of this, people experience grief, all kinds of diseases come to the earth and spread to us until today. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. He saved us from our sinful nature, that is Jesus Christ, whom He was born as human beings on earth. He was born in Bethlehem in the night of winter, He was in the manger. Pastor Seuy Lak also clarified to brother Tong Tha that in Bethlehem at that time, every guest house had no room for Jesus, but one more important thing is whether in your heart today is there a place for Jesus to be born? He wanted to be in the heart of you, brother, He would like to love you, brother, and He wanted you to become a man who is pleased God. He wants to forgive all sins that you, brother, has committed. Will you accept Him in your heart forever? Then pastor Seouy Lak gave brother Tong Tha the following prayer: "Lord Jesus, come into my heart, and make me love you; may You dwell in my heart. Amen."

After praying, pastor Soeuy Lak shared a small book titled "Who Is God?" And a "Bridge of Life" brochure to brother Tong Tha to keep learning after asking where he was living, and knowing that he was the one is living in the same province. Later, pastor Soeuy Lak also made a phone call to brother Tong Tha to make an appointment to learn more about the Word of God, because of he had heard that brother Tong Tha had a keen interest in knowing the truth of life, which is free from sin. Subsequently, pastor Soeuy Lak also sent another his assistant teacher, his name's Nov Vanny, to teach the Word of God in the village where brother tong Tha lives in it. Later on, brother Tong Tha decided to accept and surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. After deciding to believe in Jesus Christ, brother Tong Tha prayed for all the things that he had experienced so far, including the loss of four cows and his son, who became serious sickness to ask for redemption from the Lord Jesus Christ. Then the Lord responded to the prayers of brother Tong Tha through his prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ. His son was also getting a little bit better than before and dat-by-day the disease was healed completely healed. Brother Tong Tha's cow was born twin calfs. Soon the two calfs became cows and gave birth for more twins, which led to be a large cow group increasing in their number of cows. Later, brother Tong Tha's son and other family members also decided to accept and surrender themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ. Because brother Tong Tha, and his son Tong Sothea whose hearts are burning to serve the Lord, have received the blessing from the Lord, receiving the praised and song book to praise and worship God because of the materials were sent by pastor Soeuy Lak.

Soon, brother Tong Tha's family was also baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with other fellow believers in Christ.

Later on, in the family of brother Tong Tha received the joy, that is joyful of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brother tong Tha, as well as members of the whole family, volunteered to go out to serve God with all their hearts to preach the Gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ to the brothers in the village and neighboring villages. Brother Tong Tha is deeply convinced of the scripture touched his heart in Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. ” With the blessing of the Lord, brother Tong Tha's son, youth Tong Sothea, was filled with wisdom, passed the diploma to finish high school, and passed exams at the University of Agriculture, not only did he was blessed by the Lord to receive the scholarships for this study.

So, have you given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, for whom He sacrificed His life and died on the Cross for our sins? Give everything to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Lord will give you back everything! Do you know, brothers, even the smallest of yours can help to reach out to the lost in this world by the wisdom of the Bible to transform their lives? Amen.


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