The Bible League ministry had a ministry on 25.06.2015 at Takeu province. Here it is a picture of a couple Mr.Phun Ban & Mrs.Sun Saat in Khla Krohum village.

This couple became Christian in the year of 2010. It is very pleasant to hear the testimony of how they become a Christian couple. One day while Mr. Phun Ban was walking on his way home, he heard a pastor talking about the living God. So, he was surprised and feel like hearing more clearly. He listen and listen and became to realize that the words of God are alive. So, he think that the God that Christians are worshipping is a living God. His heart got melted like a block of ice not by the sun but by the pastor's message. The momentous word that turned his life into a Christian is that Jesus came down on the earth to give his life to the people to pardon the sin of men. Not only that, he was convinced that Jesus came to help the people of the world. He thought and believed that Christianity is a religion that loves to help people and do good things for the community. So he was convinced by the pastor's message and he immediately want to become a Christian. His wife did not want to become a Christian but by seeing his husband's new life she too believed that the God that her husband worshipped is a true and living God. Now, Mr.Phun Ban was aiming to share and preach the love of God to the people in his village. He also aimed to do good things for the community and to love the people

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