HE GAVE US WHAT WE NEED: Here is a gorgeous testimony of what God has done to the people who believe him. In the year 2002 Mr & Mrs.Pap Toun accept Jesus as their savior and give their whole life to Christian.

Before Mr. Pap Toun became a Christian he was a Buddhist priest and collects money from the villagers for offerings to Buddha. They are poor too, sometimes almost unable to meet their needs. Their life is difficult work very hard and poor to meet their needs. Pastors reached out to their families and tried to tell them the gospel but Mr. Pap Toun decline to accept them. He drove them away by giving the warning to cut their throat. But pastor didn't forget that God loves the old man. So, pastor still trying to visit Mr. Pap Toun to tell him about Jesus. One day Mr. Pap Toun daughter was sick, badly sick. They went to the temple for praying so many times and also spend a lot of money for curing her. But any progress is not seen the sick was still the same. One day pastor told the old man to pray to Jesus. So, after many decline the old man agreed to pray to Jesus. As the old man doesn´t know how to pray, pastor teach him how to pray. The old man prayed for three days. After three days the old man was feel amazed when he came to know that his daughter was healed. He know that his daughter became healed only and because of praying to Jesus. So, he realised that Jesus is a real God, the living God who could hear someone´s pray. From that day he and his whole family accept Jesus as their God and saviour. Vegetables cannot grow in his garden but he pray to Jesus and Jesus let it grow vegetables in his garden. They sell the vegetables and earn money. He asked God to give him what he need for his basic needs. And God gave him uncountable blessings. Now he had a nice bathroom, a new house and water pump in where they can get a drinking water. Mr. Pap Toun says that we meet and have what we need through Jesus. He started telling about Jesus to his neighbours and also have a vision to preach the words of God in the whole villages.Let us all pray for his family to grow more.

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