New believers need to grow and mature in their faith. They must be immersed in God’s Word and disciples through Bible study. Every believer needs their own Bible in a language they understand.

That is how they engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and share their faith with others.

Bible Study Ministry is a key way that we partner with local churches to help them disciple believers, extend their outreach and start new churches. We provide local leaders with access to training, Scriptures and materials, helping them to establish Bible studies. These faithful workers hold meetings regularly to teach people about Jesus and God’s Word.

Many local churches desire to reach more people with the Gospel and start new churches, but they often lack Scripture resources as well as the training to effectively share the Good News. In the areas where we work, Scriptures are expensive and aren’t readily available to local churches.

We help print and provide Bibles that are given to those who complete the Bible study lesson series. All materials are in the language of the people and are culturally relevant.

As new churches are established, they also receive training, Scriptures, and study materials. And the cycle of outreach and discipleship continues!

Millions of children around the globe have never heard the Gospel and have no idea that Jesus or the Bible even exists! at the CAMBODIAN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES NETWORK (CCCN), we believe that every child deserves the chance to know that Jesus loves them and died to save them. That’s why we strive to reach children in the farthest corners of the world.

Year after year, our international ministry partners help bring the Good News to hundreds of thousands of young lives! Whether it’s in summer camps, Vacation Bible School, or programs in schools or churches, all ministries are led by trained local Christians and use materials that are in the local language, age-appropriate, and relevant in the cultural setting so children can easily understand and respond.

When the Gospel enters a village, children are often the most responsive. A ripple effect takes place as the children excitedly share what they have learned and family and friends observe the transformation in their lives and behavior. Whole families and communities have been reached and new churches started, all as a result of children’s ministry!

We need your help to fulfill an extraordinary vision: reaching every single village in Cambodia with the Gospel! Over the past 10 years, Cambodia has seen unprecedented growth and openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With your partnership and the Lord’s help, we believe this vision is within reach.

How can you help? Your monthly gift of $7 will provide one new believer with their very own Bible! One of our generous partners stands with us in this vision and will match your gifts for this need dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000!

The need is great. The time is now. Will you partner with us to help reach Cambodia for Christ?

We appreciate your partnership to reach villages with the Gospel. Thank you for being a part of God's global vision to fulfill the Great Commission!




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