In future the youth will be the foremost, the van-gaurd in preaching the gospel to the non-christian. Knowing this National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council have many consideration about gathering the youth in Cambodia. Every year in the month of April and September the youth conference is held in Rawling at Preah Sihanouk Ville. At this conference about 600 youth comes from different parts of Cambodia. Among the 600 youth, about 400 are non-christian. Therefore, preparing a conference is very needed and important for a chance to make these youth into a believer. The youth conference takes time for two night and three days. During these days foods and everything is provided by National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council. The youth were taught Bible knowledge, the pastor do the evangelism. They talked about man and creation, salvation, christian living and other miscellaneous subjects. Not only this, sometimes to avoid stress some games and entertainment is also enjoyed by the youth.

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