1. The introductory Bible Study: Elements of and effective booklet

  • An evangelistic focus: Lessons that lead to FAITH
  • Scriptures completely written out in the booklet   (not just text references). Simple stories, parables, teachings.
  • Colorful or attractiveness cover design. Pictures or art work inside. Attractive fronts.
  • Four to ten lessons: time to develop a relationship
  • Inductive questions that can be answered by the new contact with help by the church member (put scripture verse numbers by questions so the seeker can go back to the text to find the answer.) Space in the booklets to write out the answers to the questions.
  • Some application question that give the seeker an opportunity to believe or trust in Christ.

In National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council we are more concerned with following the PATTERN than of translating a PRODUCT. It is not necessary to have existing National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council material translated. It is more important to understand the pattern and to designa Bible study that works for its local context. The lessons should be designed so that even ordinary church members can help the seeker get the right answers. Each lesson should have and evangelistic point to make. This does not mean that each lesson has an invitation to accept Christ. The stories help them understand that they are loved by God or that they can know God and have a personal relationship with Him.

2. New Testaments

In most countries the seeker is given a New Testament after completing the first booklet. This gives the new believer and opportunity to read about Christ and the birth of the Church. In some countries where the work of Project Philip focuses on helping existing Church members get a Bible, there may not be a demand for New Testaments.

It is possible to print a selection of Bible readings in stead of a New Testament. In some Buddhist countries, the book of Proverbs and Genesis are very important. In other countries, the Old Testament prophets are extremely important. National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council offices have the freedom to develop a selection of readings rather than full New Testaments.

The book should have

  • An attractive cover
  • Inexpensive construction: usually glued binding, printed on new sprint.
  • A version that is easy to read. Often the church prefers the old, standard translation for church members, but a modern language translation can be very helpful for evangelism. if the church is reluctant to accept an easy to read version for its members, you could provide the easy to read New Testament after level 1, and the more traditional whole Bible after level II.

3. Print a corticated or diploma for the study course.

Certificate should be attractive, have a space for the name of the person completing the course, and should be signed by the national of National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council.

In urban or more highly educated situations, certificates may be less desired. It may be possible to design some alternate award. (some countries use pins, pens or calendars)

4. The Discipleship Level Booklet: Elements of a successful booklet

“Faith without good works is dead” (James 2:14-17). People who accept Christ with their mouth must also learn to follow Christ with their lives. In Acts 2:42 new believers adopted several habits that are important for growing in spiritual maturity.

  • This level assumes the seeker has accepted Christ after set of lessons. The goal is to help the new believer understand and live the Christian life. Ten to twelve lessons. This gives the disciple –maker a month’s worth of lesson material.
  • Questions printed out in the booklet with space to writhe in answers.
  • Opportunity to pray for specific life changes
  • Introduction to the concept of membership and baptism. These lessons should give the teacher an opportunity to invite the new believer to be baptized if he/she has not already done so.
  • May also include lessons on how to share your faith. It is possible to putting the Project Philip users training right into the second booklet so that the disciple can become a Philip.

5. Whole Bibles

6. Certificate:

Some programs use a smaller certificate for level 1 (half-page) and a large certificate for Level II (full page).

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