The largest part of the ministry of National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council is Project Philip. It overlaps the distribution circle because many of the users of Project Philip are new Christians who have never been disciple and have never had a Bible. Project Philip is used by many partner churches to help fill the "Bible Gap".

The main goal of Project Philip, however, is evangelistic. It promotes a particular strategy of evangelism through small group Bible studies. When Philip explained the scriptures to the Ethiopian it resulted in baptism.

Why did National Christian Churches Network Cambodia Council shift to this strategy? You have heard the expression, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teaches a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.” Project Philip goes beyond providing spiritual fish. It trains ordinary church members to be fishers of men. And it provides the study materials that they need to make disciples. Project Philip is and evangelism + discipleship strategy. Traditionally this is called “follow-up.” Project Philip helps build a relationship between disciple maker and seekers that “brings people into the fellowship of Christ AND his Church” (our mission statement).

The advantage of more strategic placement of scriptures is that you can measure results. We can count the number of people who completed the initial evangelistic Bible study course (level 1:6-10). In many years people completed an evangelistic Bible study. We can count the number of people who go on to become baptized members in a local church.

The main work of a distribution strategy is printing and shipping literature. The main work of the Project Philip strategy is training people! This is why we have a network of office and staff in every Cambodia country where we work. The do not exist to manage inventories and sell stock. Their chief objective in to train workers, evangelists and disciple-makers. We build the capacity of the local churches when we equip their members to do more effective ministry. World wide, we currently have many active “Philips.” Imagine the impact of putting Bibles in the hands of people who are trained to explain it.

Project Philip also allows us to be more accountable to our donors. We can be more efficient, making sure that the Bibles are not wasted but go to people who will actually read them. And, we can be more effective, having an impact both in terms of changed lives and growing churches.

We recruit partners to support Project Philip by asking people to provide for the cost of printing and placing a Bible. World wide, this average cost is $4.00. It includes the cost of printing, shipping, training, and fund-raising. We ask some donors to give for Bibles on a monthly basis. These are called Word Sharing Partners. Some donors are supporting all of the Project Philip expenses for and entire area of language group. We call this and Evangelism Impact Zone (EIZ). The Zone can be defined geographically as the area served by one of our local offices, or it can be defined as a people group or language group. We can measure the impact inn this area because the Philips there are holding Bible studies for seekers and baptizing new believes.

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